About Sensoramo

Sensoramo is all about love

Sensoramo is a global family of professionals spreading LOVE by creating and developing technology that takes care of the health of people and devices they use. Sensoramo as a word derived from Esperanto and Italian means “Sensor Love”. There are no employer-employee relationships, instead, we are a family treating each other as sisters and brothers and united towards building sustainable future where technology love people.
Sincerely yours,
Founder of Sensoramo, N…

Challenges faced by you

1 As the population grows more medical specialists are needed to take care of people. Hospitals are overcrowded and there are long queues of patients. Cost of medical services and insurance increases leaving more people without access to qualified medical treatment. Demand for medical services is higher than the offer.
2 As a number of hazards to health of people increases due to urbanization and environment pollution, more people require frequent monitoring of their health conditions.
3 As number of devices grows, more specialists are needed to provide technical support. Servicing of devices takes more time and cost of repair increases. More devices are disposed contributing to environmental pollution instead of being repaired and extending product lifecycle.
4 Current work ergonomics are sources of work-related stress (WRS) and dissatisfaction with living quality. The said results in low quality of work being done, inefficiency, absenteeism, unemployment, low morale, physical and mental health problems, and stress for organization and country economy.

Solutions developed by Sensoramo

1 A health telemetry with advanced transducers and biometric sensors capable of doing automated monitoring of vital signs and basic diagnostics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
2 A health telemetry with optical, acoustic and radio transmitters and receivers integrated into environment as Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the Smart City system.
3 A preventive maintenance system to predict failure of industrial equipment and consumer products based on Wireless Network of advanced low-power Sensors (WNS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
4 A work environment with no hierarchy and obligations but with progressive evaluation scale for amount and quality of contributions combined with Agile Methodology.

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